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Cerama-Tech is classified as a Radiant Control Coating.  It can be used as a roof coating, an exterior paint or an interior paint on walls and ceilings.

Cerama-Tech is a Thermal Barrier that works all year long to save energy.

Can Cerama-Tech on the outside of a building or structure save you money on your heating costs, just like it saves you money in the hot MONTHS? 
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How about if you paint Cerama_Tech on your interior walls???  EVEN BETTER

Cerama-Tech applied to the roof and exterior walls of this 200,000 sq ft egg processing plant.  This dropped the metal roof temperature from 186º dpwn to 110º on a 105º day 

This dropped their electric bill by over 50% in the summertime, it also is saving them $2,000.00 a month in the winter.  It gets to 115º in the summer and can get down to -12º in the winter.
The large egg processing plant pictured above is now 3-years old and was billed as the most modern and energy efficient egg processing plant ever built.  It is heavily insulated with foam.  Cerama-Tech dropped the electric bill by over 50% in the hot months, that is above and beyond what the expensive foam insulation provided.
The sheetrock inside this house was painted with Cerama-Tech in 1996.  Their electric bills run from $107.00 to $156.00 per month.  Everyone else in their area, $550.00 to $650.00 per month.  Not bad for a 15-year-old coat of paint!


Hospital boilers and steam pipes coated with Cerama-Tech.  Dropped surface temperature of the metal from 267º down to 155º, a 35% reduction in heat loss through the metal.

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Cerama-Tech can be applied to every type of roof except wood shingles'  In almost every case that application drops the heat transfer by over 50%!

________________________________________________________________ Testing at UNLV proves a 52.2% reduction in energy requirements for Cerama-Tech vs standard white paint.   Latest testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory confirms Cerama-Tech's Solar Reflectivity and Thermal Emissivity.


I went to Las Vegas, NV., at the request of the Anhueser - Bush company.  Spent three days on their roofs in 104 to 108 degree weather.  Got most of that on video and you can see it at
Testing in Central Cal at an ice cream plant
Homeowners test on mobile home.  Mariposa CA.
Now, at the test for Anhueser-Busch, once I was done and presented the plant manager with the information and a copy of the video, he looked at me and said "Hal, you have totally blown the doors off your competitors".  He then said he wanted me to go back up on the roof.  We did, however, it was on the other side of the plant from where I tested.  He then showed me 13 other 10' x 10' test patches of grey, silver and white roof coatings.  A few looked real bad, I mean nasty bad!  He said they have been testing roof coatings for over a year and we blew them all away.  He also said that three of them ruined their roof.
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